Brush-on Glazes
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Botz Stoneware
 Botz Earthenware & Crystal brush-on glaze, product summary
With a firing range from 1220ºC - 1280ºC. The ideal firing temperature is 1250ºC with a 30 minute soak.

BOTZ PLUS 9020 increases the effects of Botz stoneware glazes and increases the shine. The glaze ingredients re-combine to change colour, structure and finish producing very interesting effects. With Botz Plus the firing temperature can be reduced to 1150ºC if the stoneware glaze has been completely covered in Plus. Botz Plus also achieves beautiful results on some earthenware glazes. Experiment!

Botz Plus can be used alone and fired at 1050 to produce a crackle glaze with a lovely silky surface. Apply ink after firing to emphasise the crackle. (Not suitable for food use due to crazed surface).

Please refer to the pdf attached to the product description for Botz Plus (code 9020) below.

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