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Toploading Kilns

Potterycrafts Toploader P59770UNI Potterycrafts Topworker

The Topworker range are Potterycrafts professional level Top Loading kilns made in their Stoke-on-Trent factory.
This model of kiln is ideal for domestic situations, professional studios and schools and colleges working on a small to medium scale.
State of the art materials are used in the construction of these kilns; for example ultra efficient low thermal mass insulation bricks, granular insulation, backup blanket and boards, however Potterycrafts kilns are still built using many of the older traditional skills associated with the Potteries. All are small enough to run off normal household supply electricity wired directly to the mains and yet will fire comfortably to 1300/cone 10, high stoneware temperature. If required all these kilns can be supplied wired for 3 phase industrial supply.

There are 5 kilns in this range to choose from.

Prices include a controller (two programme, three step). Upgrades are available as are furniture sets (refer to pdf), both at additional cost.
Delivery not included.

P59750 Topworker 80 (79ltr)Price £2,864
P59760 Topworker 120 (118ltr)Price £3,394
P59940 Topworker 150 (150ltr)Price £3,558
P59590 Topworker 190 (188ltr)Price £3,777
P59770 Topworker 225 (225ltr)Price £3,966
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