Feedback from our Customers

"I recently purchased a new kiln through Hesketh Pottery suppliers. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough, her customer service is second to none. She was very informative before the purchase, helping me decide which kiln was most suited to my needs and her after sales care was exceptional."
Isobel Allan-Lowe

"I finally got time to test the hexagonal tile cutter that I bought from you and was absolutely amazed at what a great tool it is!! I’m so happy I bought it and that your company stocks them as there is nothing similar available in Croatia. It made perfect hexagonal tiles. I made 10 tiles and it would have normally taken me 50 times longer cutting with a template, fixing them etc.. Another great thing is that it pushes out perfect flat tiles without any deformations...

All in all, I like working with it so much that I would like to order a square cutter from you too."

Bojana Vuksanovic – Cres Island, Croatia Link icon

"Just to let you know how pleased I am with my new kiln and to let you have a look at the results of the first firing. The instructions for assembly were very clear and easy to follow and I am enjoying the additional sophistications such as easy-open lid and quick-release gas attachment that my old kiln did not have. I did a raw, reduction firing to 1280°, aiming to fire in 10 hours. The firing actually took 10 hours 20 minutes, which I thought was very good for a first firing and shows how easy to control the kiln is. Reduction was very easy to achieve and mini bars much easier to see than in my previous kiln, partly due to the simple but ingenious addition of a protruding tube to the spy hole.

I have posted a photographic record of the process of installing and firing the kiln on my public ‘Martin Tyler Pottery’ Facebook page, which might be of interest to your prospective kiln customers."
Martin Tyler Link icon Link icon

"Thank you for your help and support, it gives me confidence ;-)
Chris has been immensely generous and patient with my numerous questions: her advice has been crucial and most appreciated. If you are thinking of investing in a kiln or trying new things in ceramics and would like to share your concerns with an expert in the field before and after your purchase, you have arrived at the perfect place!"
Livia Marin Link icon

"Big isn't always better. I went to visit my small, but perfectly formed pottery suppliers today ..... personal service, nothing too much trouble, technical and practical advice, with no obligation, I can't praise them highly enough! Hesketh Potters Supplies are the best in the world."
Mike Lainchbury

"The website is really good: I can slide the information onto my email thus avoiding mistakes with reference numbers, etc. I can also slide colours out onto the screen in order to make a comparison. Selection is much easier with the single 'page'. The information is well presented and straightforward for locating an item or description......thank you."
Penny Johnson

"Just wanted to say how really pleased we are with the slab roller. Works like a dream. Many thanks for the recommendation and getting it in for us."
John Evans Link icon Link icon

"Started using Hesketh Potters Supplies in 1999. Chris makes every effort to supply my needs for the workshop and nothing is ever a problem."
Phil Duncan Link icon Sussex Arts Collective Link icon

"From my original enquiry to Chris Hesketh I have received first class advice and support.
After detailed and thorough consultation, I decided to purchase the Rohde Vario TR 80 directly from Germany. The Kiln was to be delivered to my home in France so the transaction could have proved difficult. That was not the case. Chris controlled the negotiations professionally and very efficiently. I received my kiln promptly and safely via a local courier. Every item was checked before the delivery was completed and 'signed' off.

As described, the kiln has been exceptionally engineered and constructed using only quality materials. I have since completed several successful firings following comprehensive instructions from the extensive, illustrated English translated manual. The service, as well as the on going support provided by 'Chris Hesketh potteries' has been exceptional throughout. I look forward to future business as my studio expands.
Nigel Parr.
St. Martin Ceramics

"After being very undecided about which kiln to buy I contacted Hesketh Potters Supplies about the Rohde kiln, I was given not only detailed information about the Rohde but also fair comparisons of prices and performance of other popular makes.

I wanted a very large kiln but was worried about getting it into my first floor workshop, the Rohde was not only a perfect choice for performance but also because it could be taken apart into 4 pieces and although heavy was easily carried up the stairs.

I love this kiln, it's well designed, clean and simple to use and fires consistently and beautifully, and judging by my electricity bill, economical."
Jo Davda Link icon

"It was always my aim to get a kiln when I stopped full time work - but it's rather daunting. Luckily I knew Chris (and Hesketh Pottery Supplies) - she made it totally painless.

She helped me choose the right kiln: not too small, but not so big I never fill it, and the right sort of price for what I am - basically an enthusiastic hobby potter. So, I am now the proud owner of a Comet from Potterycrafts.

Chris sorted everything: arranged delivery, gave me the name of an electrician who knows about kilns so all the electrics were sorted and then she even did a home visit to make sure I knew what I was doing and give me a bit of confidence. And she's promised long term support."
Rachel Low

"Hesketh potters supplies is the one stop shop for all of my ceramic needs. They provide an exceptional personal service and will source materials on request if I am having problems searching for a particular item. Their support and knowledge is outstanding and I feel comfortable to ask for advise and guidance on any technical queries.

Their test tiles are a true reflection of the glazes they supply and it is the only supplier I have discovered that test on a white and red body.

The ordering process is simple, delivery is always speedy and at my convenience. Heskeths has given me more time to concentrate on my craft and I am grateful for their individualised assistance."
Clare Brown

"I have bought my supplies from Hesketh's for many years.I have always found Chris extremely helpful and knowledgeable about her products. If ever there is a problem she is there for me to sort it out.
Customer service with that little bit extra."
Bebe Bird Link icon