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Body & Glaze Stains
 Body & Glaze Stains underglazes, product summary
Stains can be used to add colour to white and transparent glazes and to slips to produce engobes and coloured bodies. The amount required and the final colour will be dependent upon the glaze or body used and the firing temperature but we suggest 5% for glazes and 10% for slips.

The colours will fire to 1250 deg C with HBGS10, 11 and 12 firing to 1300 deg C.

Details of sample preparation
The glaze samples are based on a 4cm square tile of a pale clay.
A diagonal stripe of red slip was then applied to simulate the effect on red clay.
The red clay is always shown in the bottom right hand corner.
For matt finishes, a clear glaze was applied on an opposite diagonal.

STAINS (Powdered) - We poured P1616 Casting slip into a tile mould and when dry brushed on 2 coats of UG38 Light Brown Contem underglaze with a hake on the right hand diagonal to represent red coloured clay and   biscuit fired to 1000 deg cent.    We mixed the stains with a mixture of water and IN1001 clear brush on glaze to a painting consistency and applied with a hake brush. We glazed with P2027 transparent glaze and fired to 1100 deg cent in an electric kiln.

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