On-Glazes and Lustres
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Liquid Metals & Lustres
 Liquid Metals & Lustres onglaze, product summary
The more richly coloured lustres require a fairly thin coat whilst other lustres, particularly the metal lustres, require an even thinner coat.

Apply to glazed ware. Fire at 750.
Use lustre thinners for thinning the lustres and cleaning brushes.
When firing lustres make sure the room is well ventilated and keep the bungs out of the kiln during the firing.

Details of sample preparation
The glaze samples are based on a 4cm square tile of a pale clay.
A diagonal stripe of red slip was then applied to simulate the effect on red clay.
The red clay is always shown in the bottom right hand corner.
For matt finishes, a clear glaze was applied on an opposite diagonal.

LIQUID METALS AND LUSTRES - These were applied thinly onto Potterycrafts Ltd P2017 glazed and fired earthenware tiles and fired to 750 deg. cent.  We fired the red coloured lustres twice as the first time they seemed to burn out at 750. We fired the second sample at 720 with better results.  We used thinners to clean our brush and made sure the room was well ventilated when applying the lustres.