Raku Glazes
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Raku Glazes

Tip: when making up Raku glazes. Use bottled water as we have found that when you use domestic tap water the glazes have a short shelf life.

All glazes have a maximum temperature of 1000ºC and begin to mature at 950ºC

Details of sample preparation
We used a square tile cutter to produce 10cm tiles using HC7 Emma’s White Raku Clay and pressed a wooden stamp of our logo into the soft clay.
These were dried out slowly to prevent warping and biscuit fired to 1000 deg cent. 

Before glazing, we painted wax resist on the logo to give it a smoked effect at the end of the process . The tiles were then glazed using the Raku glazes and fired in a Raku kiln. Description of this can be found in the Raku Firing Process.