Terracolor brush-on glaze, product summary
The Terracolor range of colours, textures and effects are leadfree and food safe.

The samples show the results we achieved on both light coloured and red clay and were fired to 1230 deg C in an electric kiln. Apply 3 coats to bisque allowing the glaze to dry between the coats. If the glaze is too thick, water can be added to thin it down.

Firing range is 1200 to 1250 deg C.

Details of sample preparation
The glaze samples are based on a 4cm square tile of a pale clay.
A diagonal stripe of red slip was then applied to simulate the effect on red clay.
The red clay is always shown in the bottom right hand corner.
For matt finishes, a clear glaze was applied on an opposite diagonal.

STONEWARE - We poured 1204M Casting slip into a tile mould and when dry brushed on 2 coats of UG38 Light Brown Contem underglaze with a hake, on the right hand diagonal to represent red coloured clay and   biscuit fired to 1000 deg cent.  We brushed on 3 coats of the glaze with a hake and re-fired to 1230 deg cent. in an electric kiln.

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